Freedom and Bliss

belongs to you!




Mary Li-Wen Huang is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Transformational Healer. 


She is dedicated to helping people break the generational cycles of abuse and rewrite a new legacy of empowerment and change.


Mary is the creator of Optimal Human, a fresh blend of modalities that give people a solid foundation to build their life upon. 


Mary woke up in a world of illusions when her picture perfect life deteriorated in one unforgettable moment while studying Psychology at New York University. It was clear decades of suppressed trauma was exploding to the surface begging to be healed.


Her journey to wholeness led her to earn certificates in NLP, Reiki, Akashic Healing and Feng Shui, amongst many other trainings. Mary has invested well over half a million dollars on her personal, spiritual, and business evolution and continues to learn from respected mentors as she continues to expand and grow. 


There’s no final destination in life. The universe is constantly expanding, and so are we.


With her online programs, books, and in-person speaking engagements, Mary inspires people to break the chains of abuse and live a liberated life of freedom and bliss.





My Gift for You...

What if every struggle had a purpose and

each challenge pointed your way home? 


Freedom Path



We live in a culture of abuse that has been normalized. People have largely become desensitized to it...till now. It's time to stop fulfilling other people's dreams and playing by everyone else's rules. The most important task is to liberate your True Self and let it shine.


Instead of spending loads of time and money figuring out how to reprogram your life, I've condensed the learnings through my own blood, sweat, and tears. My motto is, "Once I learn, I get to teach and help others." The struggle becomes meaningful when another soul benefits from the hard earned "aha" moments. 


The Freedom Path offers more than $60,000 worth of mentorship, coaching and healings.  


   You'll learn step-by-step coaching to:

  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs and emotions
  • Take command of your life
  • Write a new life legacy

    It's time to live life your way!

   Apply for a phone session and find out if it's for you.

Kirsty Spraggon

Speaker & Founder, Truth Tellers

I've love my experiences with Mary. They are always powerful, transformative, & eye-opening. She's masterful in eliminating limiting beliefs & releasing blocks through Akashic healings. I will certainly work with Mary again.

Souphansa T.



I love working with Mary.

She is a total professional, while being straight up, in a really loving and real way.

I highly recommend her transformational work.

Ashley Hardman

Energy Healer

Mary is an empowering, kind, joyful, passionate and effective healer. Her vibration is otherworldly and a vortex of powerful healing. I had never felt anything like it before. I am 100% happy with Mary and excited for everyone else who gets to experience her.

Sarah Barrett

Entrepreneur & Art Buyer

Working with Mary has been an absolute gift to my life. She is incredible at what she does. Feeling heard, seen, and understood are so valuable to me and Mary gave me that and so much more. She makes you feel so important and gives you every ounce of her attention. She works with you on a very personal level, giving you a toolbox filled with specific ways to address your needs and desires. When you’re in session with her it’s as if your soul is being spoken to by hers. An ancient teacher and guide emerges and honors every bit of healing & learning your soul is reaching for. Everyone should have the opportunity to work with her... she is a gift and a treasure. Thank you Mary!!!

Samantha Innes

Financial Advisor & Author

Mary is a PHENOMENAL and AUTHENTIC human being! She has chosen to use the lessons she has learned in her life to uplift others to achieve their highest purpose! She bravely marched into the fires of self-discovery, knowing the path may be treacherous, but with FAITH that she will come through even better, as Spirit is her guide! She takes that boldness into each of her relationships, and works straight to the heart of every matter! Her presence is comforting and encourages vulnerability, which in turn brings about breakthroughs in record time! I consider myself blessed that the Universe has entwined our journeys, because I can’t imagine my world without Mary in it!

Women have been silenced for far too long.

Our feet may not be bound like the ancient Chinese women did, but the memory is still in our psyche and it repeats in mysterious ways. All the different ways the female power has historically been controlled, oppressed, and held back are rising up to be reformed.  Join me on this journey of empowerment, reclamation, and liberation. You are a sovereign being created to fulfill an important purpose.